YouTuber Removes Abandoned Crab Traps From Waterway – Raises Awareness About Abandoned the Crab Trap Problem

I came across this Australian YouTuber whose channel name is Fishing With Timmy Turtle. He was getting tired of having his lures get snagged on the abandoned crab pots in this river that he likes to fish in. “The amount of old crab pots that have been abandoned in this creek is ridiculous” he said in the intro to his video. Using a large grapple hook and a piece of rope Timmy and his friend removed all of the crab pots that they could find that did not have a name tag on them.

YouTuber Fishing With Timmy Turtle, pulling up an abandoned crab pot from a river on his custom built skiff

According to Timmy he does not think that they would have this problem if the crab pots were more expensive and harder to get. He states in his video that one of the reasons that he believes that they get left behind is because it is easy to pick up more and they are inexpensive.

YouTuber Fishing With Timmy Turtle, pulling up an abandoned crab pot from a river on his custom built skiff

So the chance that whomever put them in the water will come back to get them and properly dispose of them – is unlikely unfortunately. The problem as Timmy explains in his video, is that if left behind they not only are a nuance to the fisherman and boaters, they can unfortunately kill a lot of marine animals. Over time they collect a lot of fishing gear which makes the mess even worse.

In the video Timmy releases several crabs that are not legal size that would have otherwise likely not survived had they been left there without the crab traps being regularly checked. Lots of the crab pots that Timmy and his friend recovered had likely been there for a very long time. Had they not removed them, it’s not likely that anyone else would.

Some of them fell apart as Timmy pulled them onto his Skiff. A few of them had to be pulled off of the bottom by his friend with a 30 HP outboard motor on his boat.

Timmy’s friend hooking up the rope to his boat so that he could pull the crab pot off of the bottom of the river with the help of his 30 HP outboard motor
Timmy’s friend passing Timmy the part of the crab pot that they were able to recovered from the bottom of the river with his boat and 30 HP outboard motor

A great idea that Timmy had in the video was if you remove 10 abandoned crab pots, then you will get one free.

Even better, part of the proceeds from the crab pot sales should go towards a service that regularly checks the crab pots and removes the ones that are abandoned. Just throwing another idea out there 🙂

Great job Timmy and friend! Watch the full video below and send Timmy some love for his good deed.

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