Why We Should Care About Trash in Freshwater

I found this article recently: https://www.theguardian.com/environment/2018/nov/16/sad-surprise-amazon-fish-contaminated-by-plastic-particles?CMP=share_btn_tw

In this video I talked about photodegradation and the negative impacts that it has on plastics and any waste that is exposed to the sun light for long periods of time:

The same thing happens in freshwater. People all over the world eat a variety of freshwater species. Which means that they are ingesting harmful chemicals, like carcinogens. Not to mention that especially in a place like Florida, our freshwater lakes and rivers that are connected to our water tables are regularly exposed to trash unfortunately.

And that’s where we get our water from – the stuff that we bath in and drink from. So, although I am not a scientist or anything, I feel like that might be why so many of us humans have health issues nowadays. It’s just a theory, but based on that article which I will link below for you to read, according to this article our trash is reaching places that we don’t even know what the effects will be long term. Trash anywhere can leach harmful chemicals in our water. We already have a idea of the effects on the marine life in the ocean and it’s not pretty.

To get a little tin foil hat-ish most farm animals drink rain water that could contain these chemicals which people then consume. Even if the farmers are using a specific water source, there is nothing stopping the animals from drinking rain water. It’s what they do. And even Vegetarians and Vegans can’t avoid something like rain water contaminating their food source. Even if the water is straight from the tap without any extra filtration. I donno, it just seems like a bad time long term.

This is one way that you can help – Magnet Fishing:

So on top of magnet fishing being fun, I think that it should be a regular thing for people to do who want to go fishing but maybe they don’t want to catch fish. Maybe it can be a new sport or something? It is really fun and if you like the idea of trying out treasure hunting, then you should definitely try it. And if you see other forms of trash while you are out magnet fishing, why not collect that as well? I am going to make a bunch of other magnet fishing related videos from different types of vessels to see what I can find. For example, I have my blue kayaks which you have probably seen before if you have watched any of my other clean up videos. I also have an Intex K2 Explorer Inflatable Kayak as well as the Intex Mariner 4 Inflatable Boat. So I am definitely going to use them to see what I can remove from some local residential lakes and rivers that people regularly fish in.

So the end goal for all of these magnet fishing videos, is to motivate people all over the world to go magnet fishing and help remove some of the metallic trash that can break down over time and leech into the water table. We already to our best to remove metallic elements from our water sources so we know that it’s not good for use to ingest or to bath in. Just to give you a visual. I use RODI water for my shark pond. I mix this with salt in order to make the cleanest saltwater that I can for my sharks. This filter removes all kinds of elements from the tap water in my home. This is what the media looks like when it needs to be changed. Just so that you see what I’m saying, who knows what that filter has caught and that lake in the video is not that far from my house.

In this video I show you a TDS meter:

As I explain in the video, it tells you how many parts per million or PPM are in a source of water. This is straight from the tap. TDS stands for total dissolved solids. Solids can mean plastic, metals, etc. Just food for thought. If you are now inspired to go magnet fishing or even just to clean up any local body of water, let me know by leaving a like or a comment below. And thank you in advance for those of you who do.

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