While Their Parks Were Closed To The Public, SeaWorld Orlando Rescued 63 Animals; So Far 33 of Them Have Been Released Back Into The Wild

While SeaWorld was shut down for 84 days in order to help slow the spread of COVID-19, their rescue and rehabilitation team continued to rescue and rehab animals in need. Of the 63 animals that were rescued, 33 have already been released back into the wild.

Among the rescued animals were 2 pregnant Manatees that had been struck by boats. Both manatees gave birth while being treated for their injuries and are recovering at SeaWorld. The Manatees are just about ready to be released back in to the wild thanks to the tireless efforts of the SeaWorld Rescue Team.

Over a 50 year period, SeaWorld Orlando alone has rescued over 36,000 sick, injured and orphaned animals. Their mission is simple: Commitment to Animal Rescue, Rehabilitation & Return. With all of the knowledge that they have gained from caring for the 100’s of animals in their care, they are able to use what they have learned to rehabilitate the recused animals so that they can be returned to the wild.

SeaWorld has played – and continues to play – a large role in the animal rescue efforts here in the United States. Their knowledge is shared with organizations and facilities world wide. Their teams are on call 24/7 365 days a year and they partner with multiple government agencies, conservationists, stranding networks, zoological facilities and others to rescue and help animals in need. Their goal is to rehabilitate them and return them to the wild.

So during a time where they were losing money, they still continued to do what was best for animals that they were not even responsible for. These efforts are not cheap either. I believe that SeaWorld deserves a bit more credit for all of their efforts and financial contributions that they give back to the conservation of our planet. So thank you SeaWorld! I appreciate you!

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