It's no secret that we have a trash problem in our oceans and waterways. This trash negatively impacts every living thing on this planet. Our goal is to remove as much trash as we can here in South Florida and hopefully inspire you to do the same in your area. Together we can clean up our planet.

We are documenting our trash clean ups on APTV. You can see the type of trash that we have collected and see some really cool local wildlife in our new series here:



By You:

By Aquapparel:

  • Location
  • LBS
  • Fort Lauderdale, FL
  • 105.18 LBS
  • Last Updated: 4/14/2017

After each clean up, the trash is weighed and pictures are taken of the findings. They are posted to the Aquapparel FaceBook, Instagram and Twitter accounts. You can follow those by clicking on the links below.

How to Get Involved

Want to help? Getting started is easy, just grab some gloves, a trash collection bag and get started. Be sure to weigh your trash and take a picture of your findings. Then post it to your social media to inspire your family and friends to help as well.

Tag us @Aquapparel so that we can add your contribution to our overall count and include:

  • Total weight of your collection
  • location of where the trash was collected