WATCH: Trash Talkin’ N Learnin’: Intracoastal Trash Clean Up and The Koi Fish

Meet Kaylee the Koi fish and check out how much trash we removed from the Intracoastal of South Florida on the Tahoe T16!

Feeling inspired? Learn How to Safely and Effectively Do Trash Clean Ups in Your Community

Koi Fish Facts

What is it?

A carp fish that is known for its wide variety of colors.

Where do they come from?

The koi fish is originally from China. It made its way to Japan as a gift. The first record that we have of the koi fish arriving in Japan is 71AD.

What do they eat?

They are omnivores whose diets consist of algae, aquatic plants, plant matter, insects and worms.

How long do they live?

They can live anywhere between 25 and 35 years old. However, the oldest recorded koi was a female named Hanako, she was 226 years old.

Where do they get their name from?

The word “Koi” comes from the Japanese word for “Carp”

How big do they get?

On average they can get to be 12 to 15 inches in length. Depending on the variant, some can get anywhere from 22 inches in length to 36 inches in length.

Can you have them as pets?

Yes, but you will need a very large tank or pond to house them in for the duration of their lives.

And that’s our species spotlight on the Koi fish.

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