VIDEO: The Amazing “Ghost Shark”

The Chimaera or “ghost shark” is a cartilaginous, deep water fish that are found at depths as deep as 8,500 feet. They can grow up to 4 feet and 9 inches in length. They as referred to as the “ghost shark” because of their appearance but they actually have some similarities to “true” sharks.

For example, they have claspers for internal fertilization of the females and the females lay eggs.

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Like the Horn Shark, the Chimaera have a venomous spine in the front of their dorsal fin for protection against being eaten by larger predators.

Image Source: MBARI

However, unlike sharks, the Chimaera only has 3 pairs of large permanent grinding tooth plates.

Image Source: Heming Zhang

Below is an in-depth video from the Animalogic YouTube channel of this awesome creature with even more information about it.

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