WATCH: Trash Talkin’ N Learnin’ Intracoastal Clean Up and The Nudibranch

This week we meet Nance the Nudibranch and boy is she a hoot! Join Tammy and Leslie as they venture out into the intracoastal of South Florida on “Sea Ya” the Tahoe T16 and clean up a whole bunch of trash!

Feeling inspired? Learn How to Safely and Effectively Do Trash Clean Ups in Your Community

Nudibranch Facts

What is it?

Nudibranchs are a family of soft bodied gastropod molluscs. Unlike most molluscs, the Nudibranch sheds its shell after the larval stage. 

Where do they come from?

You can find Nudibranchs worldwide as far north as the arctic to the tropical regions of the Earth.

What do they eat?

They have a wide variety of foods that consist of sponges, corals, anemones, hydroids, bryozoans, tunicates, algae and sometimes other nudibranchs.

How long do they live?

Anywhere from 1 month up to 1 year.

Are they endangered?

In August of 2020, the IUCN Red List updated their status as Least Concern with their population trend being unknown.

How many different types are there?

There are about 3,000 discovered species of Nudibranchs that have been documented so far. 

How big do they get?

Nudibranchs can range from as small as 0.25 inches to 12 inches in length.

And that’s our species spotlight on the Nudibranch.

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