Stop Doing This and Start Doing This Instead

When I was a kid we used to go feed the ducks and fish bread if we were at a restaurant on the water. Pretty much everyone does it. But here’s the thing, ducks and fish don’t cook their food in an oven sooo it’s probably not very good for them to ingest stuff like that. It’s un-natural for them.

Just like when we eat certain things that are altered, sometimes it does not agree with us. I mean sure, we’ll eat it anyway but we’ll pay for it later.

So aside from the obvious, feeding ducks and fish – we’ll call it humanly altered food – is a bad time for them and the environment.

Don’t get me wrong, I totally get it, it’s easy to catch fish with, it’s cheap and heck, it really helps attract fish when you are trying to get some sweet GoPro shots for your YouTube videos apparently. But I feel that it’s time to try something new. Why? Well, we have been doing this for years and all the sudden we have all of these health problems and environmental problems. Now, before you go nuts in the comments section, I’m not suggesting that bread is the reason for things like Red Tide, but we don’t really know what effects it’s having on the birds, fish and the environment.

For those of you who consume fish, I bet that you’d rather that your fish did not eat bread or plastic or any other humanly altered substance buttttttt here were are.

This is a picture of a waterway that feeds eventually into the ocean at a restaurant.

There is all kinds of fish that hang out in here. From bait fish to full grown tarpon. I’ve watched for years as the patrons and staff frequently throw bread, tap water and all kinds of stuff over the dock. If you think that these fish that live here are not potentially affecting the ones on your plate, you’re probably wrong.

So, here’s a perfectly eco-friendly solution if you are with kids that want to feed the fish, you want to feed the fish or you are trying to get some sweet b-roll footage try this instead:

So if you want to feed the fish, try using fish food instead of bread.

If you want more tips on eco-friendly fishing practices, check out this playlist from my YouTube Channel:

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