Marine Life, Purpose and Legacies

When I find myself trying to explain my affinity for these small sharks that I have shared most of my life with so far as well as my affinity for the water and marine life in general – I find myself starting off my explanation by saying something to the effect of: “I was a weird kid”. I catch myself saying that quite often actually.

I mean I was by normal standards – whatever normal means – a bit different. I daydreamed a lot and I noticed that I thought a lot more deeply than most other kids did. In my early teenage years, I shared my bedroom with a pretty large aquarium which housed my first sharks in it.

I really did not like school and I found myself not getting along with most of my teachers as far back as elementary school. They thought that I was lazy but really, I was just bored. In high school I was in detention often for sleeping in class – which I later found out was due to a health issue that I luckily able to resolve as a young adult. I excelled in science, and I loved any class where I could build or create something.

My favorite class of all time was my junior and senior year of high school where I took a cartooning and computer animation class. I loved being able to take an idea that I had in my head and make it come to life on a screen. This was in 2001 and 2002 – before YouTube.

As an adult I reject societal norms more than I sometimes like to admit. Most of them just don’t really make any sense to me. I found a way to create a business so that I could work from home and work on my passion. I have literally had people tell me that I am “not a real person” because of the life and lifestyle that I have built for myself. Like most people I sometimes feel like I don’t belong, except when I work on my passion.

I am one of those people who dove headfirst into metaphysics just out of college. Nothing ever really made sense about this planet, life, why am I here, what is my purpose, etc. Until I discovered that rabbit hole of amazingness – if that’s not a word – is it now ?

I believe that Earth is a beautiful place filled with many lessons that help us to perfect our soul. Earth is a place that has rules like physics, but it also has spiritual rules and monkey wrenches like duality. So good and bad exist here but it’s every individual’s choice on which to embrace and which to reject.

When it comes to the other inhabitants of this planet, some humans live in harmony with the other species and others – let’s say are big ole douche canoes that lack self awareness among other things – and make no sense sometimes. And then there are pretty much evil AF people like this guy for example, “Mark the Shark” is a self proclaimed shark hunter who kills as many sharks as he can get his hands on for some unknown reason. The deceased victims in this photo are Great Hammerhead Sharks. These are now protected.

Total asshat.

Most people – I believe anyway – fall somewhere in the middle. Mostly because they are uninformed on what is happening out there – outside of their duty/purpose – but it’s all connected. They need the environment in order to thrive and fulfil their mission. Everyone’s mission is different, but I believe that every human being has a purpose and when you leave this world you will have either fulfilled it or you will have died trying.

I wrote this post because a lot of people click on the My Journey section of this website and I assume that those people either want to know more about this whole process of accomplishing my goal – since if you are reading this we are probably aligned in some way. Or they want some motivation and maybe will get some direction from following my journey.

And so here is my advice and what I am following while pursuing my mission/purpose:

“Legacies are the path that you lay, not the people who attempt to follow them.” – Erica Fischer

What that means is that you have to be the trail blazer and create the path in order to leave the legacy that will ultimately make this place a better place and refine your soul in the process. So, whatever your pursuit is – go for it – you got this! And thank you for supporting mine by taking the time to read this post and for checking out any of my other content.

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