Kayak Trailer on a Mustang???

I’ve got a problem – it’s a first world problem – but it’s a problem. I used to live here:

I had direct access to this body of water – the New River in Fort Lauderdale, FL:

I’ve lived in Florida for my entire life – most of it in South Florida. So I’m no stranger to these:

But, after having to evacuate a few times while living over there, I decided to move a bit more inland. Once I moved, I realized something…I might have made a huge mistake.

Now don’t get me wrong, it’s much more convenient living more inland for a few reasons – so I wouldn’t say it was a mistake. But it’s definitely more difficult getting this to the water:

because I prefer to drive one of these:

This is my 15 year old self’s dream car. A manual Ford Mustang. Some girls like shoes, I like Mustangs.

It’s pretty much not a good idea to try to transport a kayak on the top of a Mustang for a few reasons. So after consulting a few friends who also go kayaking but don’t live on the water, they gave me a really good idea. Why not get a kayak trailer and get a hitch installed on the Mustang? Not a bad idea right?

For the trailer, I had been researching the perfect, small kayak trailer for my Mustang when I came across this:

It was $599 plus $79 for shipping on the Vibe Kayaks website. I chose this model because it had the best reviews and it was the most cost effective. I built most of it by myself and then enlisted the help of my father for the more complicated stuff. You can watch the entire video, including the build below.

I then got the trailer hitch installed at UHaul – since they are best at installing these. The next thing I had to do was learn how to drive a manual transmission Mustang with a kayak trailer. Good thing I don’t mind a challenge. 🙂 And now I can get back on the water and do more trash clean ups.

So if you have anything but a truck or an SUV and you want to get your kayak or small boat to the water – this might be a solution for you.

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