Following in the Saltwater Brewery’s Foot Steps, Corona Adopts Edible 6-Pack Rings

In 2016 a small craft microbrewery located in Delray Beach, FL called Saltwater Brewery created edible 6-pack rings for their beer. Their 6-pack rings are 100% biodegradable and edible. To create the product, they use the barley and wheat ribbons from the brewing process.

For such a small, local business, this was huge news! In the initial press release which you can read here: The Saltwater Brewery’s President Chris Gove said “We hope to influence the big guys and hopefully inspire them to get on board.” Well Chris, you all have definitely caught their attention!

Image Source: Screen shot from We Believers’ YouTube Video

In May of 2019 Corona became the first major beer company to adopt the edible 6-pack rings! The new goal: Have the other major beer companies replace their 6 pack rings with these biodegradable and edible ones as well. This could save millions of animal lives!

Image Source: Screen shot from We Believers’ YouTube Video

One of my favorite quotes as it related to ocean conservation is:

“I alone cannot change the world, but I can cast a stone across the waters to create many ripples.” – Mother Teresa

Chris and the Saltwater Brewery team are a perfect example of this quote! Great job and thank you for paving the way!

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