Drone Captures Thousands of Sea Turtles in Costa Rica Covering the Size of a Football Field! And They Need Our Help!

With aggressive efforts all over the world to conserve Sea Turtles, moments like this really shows the positive impact that the efforts are making! The video below was filmed by Vanessa Bézy at the Ostional National Wildlife Refuge in Costa Rica.

These sea turtles are thriving thanks to the conservation efforts of the refuge. At this site, almost every month of the year, thousands of sea turtles lay their eggs. It’s one of the few places on Earth where this occurs in so many numbers and so frequently. It’s a natural phenomenon.

However, this sea turtle sanctuary is currently under threat from over development and mass-tourism in Costa Rica. Within this refuge is the fastest growing surf town in the world. As a result the community is fighting to regulate the uncontrolled development in the area in order to fulfill demand. To combat this, they need funding and proper planning to ensure that the development is done sustainably.

Heading up this project is Vanessa Bézy. Her goals are to manage the tourism, educate the visitors and promote the research that is being done in the area. The center that will house all of these activities will inspire people to lead a more sustainable lifestyle while visiting this important area as well as in their everyday lives. The center will also serve as a sea turtle rehabilitation center.

You can support this initiative in a few ways:

1.) Visit https://www.nosarasustainability.org/ and make a donation

2.) If you are planning a trip to Costa Rica, support the refuge by participating in one of their programs and see the sea turtles in person: https://www.nosarasustainability.org/our-programs

3.) Follow the TortuGuiones – the volunteer community for the refuge – on social media here:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TortuGuiones/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/tortuguiones/

4.) Share Vanessa Bézy’s Ted Talk:

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