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So I have been trying to build this brand Aquapparel since 2011. My goal? To make the largest, most positive impact for marine life and for our environment as I possibly can.

Unfortunately, social media has become a dumping ground for negative articles to hang out, depress and de-motivate everyone. Why? Simply put – articles with very scary headlines make people want to click on them – and in turn – the website who publishes them makes a ton of money.

How do I know? Aside from owning Aquapparel, I am a full time digital marketing consultant who specializes in paid ads. Between all of my clients, I manage hundreds of thousands of dollars in ad spend every year. By the way, the article link that you just clicked on in order to land on this article that you are reading right now, was actually a paid “native ad”. Based on your browsing history the ad platform that I used in order to get my content in-front of you feels that you will find this article to be relevant. And so you got served the ad and – as they predicted – you clicked on it. Luckily for you and I – we have the same goal – to learn about the positive things that are being done in order to fix our environmental issues.

So now that you are here, I want to invite you to subscribe to my Conservation Wins Newsletter below and check out the Conservation Wins section of this blog for some immediate wins!

I am working on becoming the largest source for positive news for all of the good work that is being done as it relates to ocean conservation. By reading and sharing these articles, you are helping me grow my audience and build my brand as well as supporting conservation efforts all over the world! If you choose to sign up for the newsletter, you will get a monthly email containing a summary of the best conservation wins from all over the world! So sign up today and share this article with someone who you think will want to join us.

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