Can You Put 2 People on an Inflatable Paddle Board

Let’s kick things off by starting with one of the most common questions asked: Can you put 2 people on an inflatable paddle board? The answer to this will vary depending on a few different things including:

  • Weight limit of your inflatable paddle board
  • Length/Size of your inflatable paddle board
  • Accessories/Equipment 

Let’s dive into each a little deeper.

Inflatable Paddle Board Max Weight Limit

Most inflatable paddle boards can hold a max weight of anywhere from 300-1000 pounds, which typically, is more weight than a solid paddle board can hold (generally around 200-500 pounds)! With most humans worldwide averaging out at a weight of anywhere between 130-200 lbs, you can see where you could certainly fit 2 people on an inflatable paddle board quite comfortably, especially on boards having a higher weight capacity. Keep in mind, it’s not just the human weight you have to worry about, however. If you choose to bling your board out with accessories, be sure to account for the additional weight to ensure that you, your passenger and your inflatable paddle board all stay ABOVE water. I’ll get into how accessories can impact the overall weight of your inflatable paddle board here shortly.

Inflatable Paddle Board Length/Size

This is where space is key. Inflatable Paddle boards range anywhere between 8’-12’ long with some as long as 14’. Depending on what type of activity you are doing, the length and width of your inflatable paddle board is significantly important. For example, if you are planning on using your inflatable paddle board for you and an additional person to do trash clean-ups, you may want to look at a longer board with higher max weight capacity to account for the added weight from the trash you clean-up out of the water along your adventure.  At the end of the day however, when it comes to wanting to put 2 people on an inflatable paddle board, size DOES matter. Larger boards are typically going to have a wider deck, thus making it more stable. Longer inflatable paddle boards will also have a higher max weight capacity to withstand holding the added weight of a second person. Typically anything over 10’ long will be sufficient enough to hold two people and ultimately, the longer your inflatable paddle board, the better equipped you’ll be to bring along an extra person. Don’t forget to keep in mind the importance of even distribution, This is yet another benefit of using a longer inflatable paddle board for 2 people.  You’ve got the space, make sure you use it accordingly!

Stand Up Paddle Board Size Chart – Image Source:


When it comes to accessorizing and adding equipment to your inflatable paddle board arsenal, it’s important to keep in mind the impact the weight of these items can have on your inflatable paddle board.

  • Cooler: BOTE Kula 5 Cooler holds 5 gallons and weighs 13 pounds empty. However, filling this 5 gallon cooler up entirely would end bringing this coolers weigh-in at around 41 pounds-definitely a big difference in weight!
BOTE KULA 5 Cooler Seafoam – Image Source: KULA 5 Cooler Seafoam

Anchor: Most inflatable paddle board anchors weigh-in at roughly around 3 pounds. Although these are lightweight, you’ll still want to take into consideration the little bit of added weight, especially if your anchor is only 1 of many accessories.

Fishing/Tackle Rack: If you plan on doing any fishing while on your inflatable paddle board, the fishing/tackle rack is a great accessory to have. These racks weigh in at about 4 pounds and are a fabulous option to store your fishing equipment. And of course, don’t forget the added weight of your fishing gear that you end up storing in your rack. Every pound counts.

Dry Bag: If you are looking for something to keep your items with you and keep them dry while out on the water, you’ll most certainly want a dry bag. These, in and of themselves, are very lightweight, however, the weight can quickly build depending on what personal items you choose to store in your dry bag. For example, larger dry bags can hold up to 90L. I personally have a Gecko Waterproof 30L light backpack and it can hold a change of clothes, a towel, my personal items such as wallet, keys and phone and still have a little bit of room. Some paddle boarders prefer to use their dry bag as an insulated cooler instead. In fact, a 30L dry bag can fit up to 24 cans! As you can see, the more you put in your bag (and WHAT you put in your bag), will most definitely impact the additional weight you are bringing onto your paddle board.

Image Source:

There are certainly a lot more accessories you can choose from to add to your paddle board but I think you get the point-the more accessories and additional equipment, the more weight you are adding towards your inflatable paddle boards weight limit.

Tandem Inflatable Paddle Boards

While some of your typical inflatable paddle boards can comfortably hold up to 2 people, they are usually built for a more solo experience. However, the Tandem Inflatable Paddle Boards are specifically built for two people to ride. In fact, they are typically built slightly longer, usually around 15’ long. The added length that these boards have helps provide a more stable and balanced ride that will support the weight of having two people.

So, to answer the question: Yes, you can put 2 people on an inflatable paddle board. Just be sure to be mindful of all the things I covered in this blog post to help ensure that you choose the right inflatable paddle board so that you can bring a buddy or loved one along. Until next time, be sure to enjoy your next adventure and make it yours!

If you’re interested in more articles I’ve written on inflatable boards, check out the Paddle Boarding section of this websiteEnjoy your adventures!

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