An Explanation of Pop Tart the Manatee’s Release

This rescue was a collaboration between the Miami Seaquarium and FWC. This manatee whose name is Pop Tart was rescued on the West Coast of Florida where he was experiencing respiratory issues. He was taken in to the Miami Seaquarium where he was treated for his condition and had his health restored. Once he was ready to be released back into the wild, thanks to my good friend Matt Heyde, I got invited to film Pop Tart’s release and now share it with you.

(Matt Heyde taking pictures of the Miami Seaquarium and Pop Tart’s arrival)

So thank you again Matt, this was an amazing experience to have the privilege of witnessing. And special thanks to Matt’s wife Julie and her team for helping out Pop Tart as well as the numerous manatees that they rescue, rehab and release every year.

Watch the full video below.

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