A Solution for Single Use Plastics: EcoPod

In the video below, I talked about one of the worst environmental issues that is not talked about enough, Photodegredation. In that video, I gave a number of solutions that are currently available and even a few business ideas in the space. You can watch the full video here to learn more:

In this bog post, I am going to show you a solution that eliminates single use plastics all together for some frequently used household items.

Image Source: EcoPod.us

This is the EcoPod. It’s a vending machine for Laundry Detergent, Fabric Softener, Dishwashing Liquid, Industrial Degreaser and All Purpose Cleaner. The concept is simple, get your free starter kit with the bottles and containers that you will re-use over and over again and then go to your local kiosk and refill each product as needed.

In the video below, Henry Pino, the President, Founder and Inventor of EcoPod explains all of the details behind how it works, their business model and their goals for expansion.

What are your thoughts on the EcoPod? Would you use one if your local store had one?

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